Eskrima is a beautiful martial art that originated in the Philippines. It has a very long history of combat application and is a national sport taught in many parts of the Philippines today. What makes Eskrima different from other well known martial arts, is that the students start training with weapons along with empty-hands from the beginning. The idea behind this philosophy allows for flexibility of application depending on the situation. In most cases the concepts one learns with weaponry can be translated into empty-hand techniques. Because of this interrelationship between weapons philosophy and empty-hand skills, Eskrima is widely recognized for its extreme practicality and effectiveness.

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IS3 was founded by Suro Emanuel Hart and is a system that encompasses all 7 styles of Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay’s Inayan  Eskrima. This system centers around three core styles, Inayan Kadena de Mano, Inayan Serrada, and Inayan Largo Mano. All of these styles are taught in their entirety and give the students the knowledge and skills to become accomplished practitioners. 

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