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IS3 Guro promotions

February 9th, 2018

Guro promotions within IS3 Eskrima are far and few between. With that said I am excited to announce the promotions to the rank “IS3 Lahong Guro” of

Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel



In the last few years these gentlemen have not only continued to grow as individuals developing their skills as practitioners but have also demonstrated great potential in developing students and the lineage of Inayan System III Eskrima. I look forward to their continued work in developing the positive reputation of IS3 Eskrima locally as well as around the world.


March 18, 2018

On this day Jo Bossaerts was promoted to IS3 Eskrimador.

Mr. Bossaerts has been committed to working in and with IS3 Eskrima and Suro Hart from 2007. To this day he has continued to support IS3 Eskrima activities in Belgium and around the world with the goals of quality growth and loyalty. We are honored to have Mr. Bossaerts continue his journey and represent IS3 Eskrima along the way.

Katalungan Guro Promotion

Every once in a while a student comes along that leaves no question as to their desires to help move your dreams forward. Kristoffer Sundh is one of those students. His dedication to the continued success of IS3 Eskrima in Sweden and around the world has been illustrated through his hard work in training to not only meet, but surpass the testing standards and provide a safe and dynamic training environment for his students. His actions follow the example of his direct teacher IS3 Guro Kenneth Johansson.

IS3 Eskrima Katalungan Guro Kristoffer Sundh is a good example of the type of practitioner IS3 is looking for. We look forward to him entering the small circle of full IS3 Eskrima Guros in the future. Congratulations to him and Guro Johansson for work well done and a title well deserved.




IS3 Eskrima Katalungan Guro Kristoffer Sundh

Promotion date


Passing of IS3 Instructor Gary E. Benson

It is with a heavy heart that I write this news post and share the passing of IS3 Kasama Gary E. Benson.

I don’t remember the first time I met Gary but it seems like I have known him all my life. His admiration for me always made me a bit uncomfortable as he was my senior in life and had much more experiance in Martial Arts in general than I have. A few years after my teacher (Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay) died, Gary got involved in my efforts to continue the expansion and exploration of Inayan Eskrima. Although there has been many opportunities for him to separate himself from my work, he stayed loyal and continued to be a driving force for IS3 Eskrima in his area and throughout the state of WI, USA. Through his acceptance of me and my struggles I came to love him like a true brother and even a father figure in my life. He was truly one of the kindest Martial Artiest I have ever met. I never heard him speak ill of another individual and always admired his way of staying positive even in the hardest of times.  We shared wonderful moments in life, Training Martial Arts, listening to Reggae music, riding motorcycles, long talks about our love for nature and our hopes for humanity. Gary had a wonderful life. Although it was a struggle at times (as any good life should have IMO), he had a wonderful and loving wife, three beautiful children, five exceptional grandchildren, and countless friends. I could write for days about this wonderful man and the brief time in life we shared but somethings go better unsaid. I will wear the ring you gave me as long as it fits and walk with you my heart as I continue our dreams. I will honor you in our traditional ways for the next three days and into the future. Fly high and free my friend and thank you for the time we walked this path together. Although sad, your family is strong. You did a good job here and can rest well in that you made this world better for many. I will always love you my friend.

Until we meet again I will listen for your words in the wind,  look for you soul on the wings of the birds in flight and your smile in the stars.

R.I.P. Gary you have done well.









After last years success IS3 along with Eskrima International will be producing the  Summer Camp again at Wewelsburg, Germany. A significant location in recent European history.

This is one of a few opportunities when practitioners from all over the world come together to train and share experiences surrounding the Martial Arts in general.


With over 30 hours of training, 5 days filled with fun, friends and good times, this camp is one of the highlights of the year for IS3, EI and hopefully for you too!


Kadua Instructor promotion

I would like to take this time to welcome Louis-Philippe Nivain and Pablo Troianovski to the team of IS3 Kadua Instructors.


Their representation of IS3 Eskrima in Fontenay-sous-bois (close to Paris France) is a welcomed addition to our team in the Paris area. You can find their class information on Facebook at the following link ( as well as their site (

I look forward to working with them to build a solid foundation for interested people in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and Inayan System III Eskrima specifically.

Welcome aboard !

IS3 Instructor and Guro Promotions

I am very happy to announce the promotion of  Adam Benzaquen to IS3 Instructor (IL 1) and Brinsen Wynn to IS3 Katalungan Guro on September 18th, 2016. Both of these gentlemen have been involved with IS3 and Inayan Eskrima for over 15 years. Their support of IS3 in Wisconsin USA has been tremendous and of the highest quality.



I am looking forward to working with them in the future to bring IS3 Eskrima to new practitioners and location throughout the WI area.  Their knowledge, attitude and instruction is a great example of efforts to move forward and grow within the art. I am honored to have them within the small circle of IS3 Instructors and Guros and call them brothers.

Suro Emanuel Hart

Welcome to the IS3 Eskrima Tribe

A warm welcome to our new IS3 locations.

Kadua Sebastian Masannek representing us in Aachen, Germany, and Kadua Gareth Bradford representing us in Dublin Ireland.

Along with these gentlemen are a host of other individuals that support their activities in teaching IS3 Eskrima and we extend a special welcome to the tribes of people behind these instructors.

Welcome to the IS3 Eskrima Tribe of Inayan Eskrima practitioners.

Stay Sharp and let the fun begin.

A big step for IS3 Europe – Guro Promotion

IS3 Sweden

A big step for IS3 Europe.

It is with great honor that I announce the first Full IS3 Guro and IS3 Eskrimador promotions in Europe.

After 14 year of training and countless challenges Kenneth Johansson has been promoted to Full IS3 Guro. With this promotion he has gained my complete confidence in his abilities to preserve the foundation of Inayan Eskrima and has all the tools to grow within the system in the future without my guidance.  With this promotion he has gained the rights to rank all levels within Inayan System III Eskrima up to IS3 Katalungan Guro.

Along with Guro Johansson, Mattias Jansson has completed his training and teaching requirements of the foundation material. Based on his understanding of future responsibilities and commitments relative to giving rank and taking on students, he has chosen to take the rank of IS3 Eskrimador. This rank offers the ability to continue ones training and advancement within the advanced areas of the system without giving ranks to students directly.

Both of these gentlemen have committed themselves to the art of Inayan Eskrima in ways that are not matched by anyone I have met in Europe to date. I am honored by their interest in my system, history and lineage. It gives me great comfort to see that they have arrived at this special place in their development as Inayan System III Eskrima practitioners and I am looking forward to facing the challenges that confront IS3 Eskrima and its practitioners together.

Thank you gentlemen for your loyal support and continued feedback. It is an honor not only to call you my students but to call you brothers. I know you have been looking at this mark in your development for a long time, as do most students in the art, but I will ask that you don’t look at it as a finish line but rather as a new beginning. There is a lot to learn and a lot to give future generations….

So let us begin!

New Training Location

We are doing what we can to make it even easier for all to train in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

Welcome IS3 Wuppertal, Germany to our raster.

Updated Instructor list

There has been some changes to our list of instructors through out the world.

It should be noted that all ranks below IS3 Guro are conditional.

If the person is not on this official list of instructors, they are teaching without IS3 authorization.

Please help us keep the quality high and let us know of individuals claiming to represent our lineage.


Eskrima International logo and Inayan System III Eskrima logo

IS3 Guro
Tom Skoglind
Keith Schuch
Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel

IS3 Katalungan Guro
Kenneth Johansson
Mattias Jansson
Jo Bossaerts

IS3 Instructor
Brinsen Wynn
Gary Benson
Olivier Nguyen
Ken Steinmetz
Kristoffer Sundh
Andrew Glaeser
Andre Clauss

Kadua Instructor
Laurent Hubert
Karim Zarouk
Dirk Dusedeau
Charles-Adolphe Goutmann
Sascha Sotonica
Randy Thomson
Damien Morelis
Emilyn Peliña
Alexander Schreiber