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Author: suro

IS3 Guro Promotion

I am happy to announce yet another IS3 Guro promotion.

On May 24, 2015 Jo Bossaerts was promoted to IS3 Katalungan Guro. He has been my student for over 12 years and had contributed greatly to the growth of Inayan Eskrima in Belgium over the years.

I consider Jo a good friend and a great teacher of my art. His support for my work and personal development is greatly appreciated by me and my other students. This promotion makes him the third IS3 Guro in Europe and 1 of 8 in the world.

I am looking forward to many more years learning from Jo and I highly recommend him as an instructor of FMA/Martial Arts in general and a personal life coach.

Keep up the good work my friend, much love.

Suro Emanuel Hart



Summer Camp !!!

International IS3 Summer Camp activities are set. We are happy to offer options for Inayan Eskrima summer activities.



French Summer Camp July 18th – 25th

German Summer Camp July 28th – August 2nd

IMAA Gathering of Clans, California USA September 17th – 20th  US Camp Flyer 2015 CA2

IS3 USA Summer Camp Weekend, Wisconsin USA September 26th & 27th (Contact)



IS3 New Arrivals

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the new parents of IS3.

There was two new babies born on the same day halfway around the world!

Welcome to the world

Philipa Grace Glaeser, born 25.2.15 at 7:38 a.m. (Germany) – 2750g, 52cm


Ruby Sprocket Kosobucki, Born 25.2.15 at 8:01 a.m. (WI, U.S.A.) – 8.5 lbs, 2 feet long

Thank you to the wonderful mothers that have held these wonderful souls and brought them into our lives.

new IS3

New IS3 Training Location in Ratingen, Germany

We would like to welcome Tobias Kleinhans and his students in Ratingen/Germany into our small circle of Eskrima practitioners. It is our honor to help in his quest to offer quality training in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) to his students through the IS3 Eskrima programs. His dedication to a professional training environment and culture along with a positive attitude has made him a great partner in our endeavor to work with and offer professional services. Welcome aboard Tobi. We look forward to working with you.




Katalungan Guro Promotion

November 29, 2014

As time moves forward so does the IS3 Guro list. If gives me great pleasure to present the newest Katalungan Guro to the IS3 ranks; Mr. Mattias Jansson.

Guro Jansson has been my student from the time I came to Europe in 2001. He has worked hard to bring his understanding and capabilities to a level that I accept as representation of an IS3 Katalungan Guro.

Behyond his capabilities and understanding of the art and traditions of my system, his loyalty to me and my system brings me great honor. The IS3 students that have access to his teaching and training are in good shape to develop in IS3 Eskrima.

I am very happy he has made it this far and looks to continue long into the future.

Welcome to the new area of training Katalungan Guro Mattias Jansson.

DSC09767 (2)

Katalungan Guro Promotion

IS3 Guro Promotion


On September 17, 2014 three honorable men where promoted to the rank of “IS3 Guro”.

Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel

All three of these gentlemen are dedicated to the development of skills within Inayan Eskrima and have taken it upon themselves to spread Inayan Eskrima where they can. Throughout their years of training they have proven their loyalty and met the standards within the IS3 curriculum whenever tested.
It is not only an honor to call these men IS3 Guros but also to consider them true friends.
Now the real work begins !
Suro Emanuel Hart

Inayan System III Eskrima

IS3 Summer Camp in Germany and France


As summer develops we get into the area of time for the IS3 training Camps in Europe. This year we are developing two different camps in two different countries (France and Germany). Registration for these camps has begun.

The French camp (July 20th – July 24th) only has 6 beds left! There are hotels very close so it is possible to participate in the training without staying at the location. However with the size of this camp being very small and the intimacy of this event being the focus, if you want to take advantage of the proximity to others after training for social activities, it is highly suggested that you register directly.

To reserve you place in the French camp (This should be done before June 10th) please contact Olivier Nguyen at:  o.nguyen[at]



As well there are only 10 days left until the end of the early-bird registration period for the camp in Germany. After that you will only have about two weeks left for registration and payment to secure your bed and participation in the camp. We cannot guarantee participation after 29.05.2014. The early-bird discount will end on 15.05.2014.

You can register for the Germany camp here:

If you need any assistance regarding travel or payment, please let us know. We will be happy to help you, just contact us at:

Katalungan Guro Promotion

katalungan-guro-KennethIt is with great pleasure I announce to the world the promotion of Kenneth Johansson to the IS3 rank of Katalungan Guro.

Mr. Johansson is my longest training student in Europe and has been involved with Inayan Eskrima since 1999. Following a two day test that concluded on Friday January 24th, 2014, Kenneth enters a very small circle of IS3 Guros. His dedication to the future of Inayan System III Eskrima and to the development of IS3 in Sweden has been a great example to all that know him inside and outside the art.

With the involvement of such a man in the spread of Inayan Eskrima comes a confidence that allows both senior and junior practitioners to concentrate within an environment of security and friendship. I am looking forward to Mr. johansson’s promotion to Full Guro in the years ahead and to the continued work we will share in the future.

Congratulations Kenneth and thank you for all that you have done for me, my teacher and IS3 Eskrima. Continue to hit hard, block hard and keep smiling. It is with honor and pride I present to the world Katalungan Guro Kenneth Johansson.


Suro Emanuel Hart

IS3 Kasama

On September 28, 2013 I invoked the IS3 Kasama Rank. Traditionally this rank has been reserved for individuals that have shown longtime sincere loyalty to Inayan Eskrima along with the ability to teach and share the basic principals within the system. These individuals have not reached the rank of Full Inayan Guro but have shown the abilities to teach different aspects. It is understood that the IS3 Kasama will continue to work towards achieving the rank of Full IS3 Guro. In the case of Kasama Gary Benson, he has been given the rights and responsibilities to teach and test material within the full curriculum up to Student Level 5. As his teaching skills and understanding of the requirements above that rank improve, he will be granted testing rights accordingly.

Kasama Benson’s history in Inayan Eskrima reaches back over 20 years to the days of The Inayan Training Organization (ITO) under the direction of Mangisursuro himself. He has been instrumental in the spreading of Inayan Eskrima in Southern Wisconsin, U.S.A. and made a commitment to IS3 to continue that work into the future as a partner and elder guide. As one of our elder practitioners, his life experience is a good resource for IS3 members and has always been given with a heart felt and honest delivery. I am looking forward to working with Kasama Benson to spread our art into the future.

Welcome IS3 Kasama Gary Benson.


Guro Promotions


It is with great pride that I announce to the world three promotions to the rank of IS3 Katalungan Guro.

This rank is often a long term goal for low level students and a transition for those that have walked a long road with many challenges. Although the time spent on the road to this junction can vary for different people, the commitment must be the same to move on from here. The ideas of the road ahead are thought about with dreamy eyes and a new lightness in the step.

The pride that comes with the rank of Inayan Guro has been made by the few that have come before with the blood, sweat, tears and the dedication to overcome the hurdles that are in the road on this special path. It is a very big responsibility to maintain this pride and walk with an honor that is no longer your own. Moving forward you are no longer judged only by your instructor and fellow students, but by everyone that knows the name and honor that is an Inayan Guro.

Within IS3 the transition to this rank is not done with a “Test” in the classic way. You are being testing every day and evaluated by your instructor for many years. You have arrived to a place that has only a few roads to it but only two roads moving forward; a Full Inayan Guro or not. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

Katalungan Guro Dave Swoboda
Katalungan Guro Michael Kosobucki, aka “Ricky”
Katalungan Guro Jake Mandel

I am honored to promote you to this position and walk with you side by side on the path ahead. Your input into the direction that our small band takes is valued and given great consideration and respect.

Masirib Tom Skoglind and Masirib Keith Schuch have brought you to this place with a pride that is well deserved and with a confidence I trust. They too are honored in this transition and warrant congratulations on great work. Our “Band of Brothers” has been strengthened and the horizons have been broadened by your sacrifices.

There are the “Unseen” in this process that most often make the biggest sacrifice, the family and loved ones. They give up precious time with the ones they love to allow them to train and learn, most often away from home.
I say THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful people with our family.

Congratulations to you all on this monumental achievement!

I look forward to the years ahead and the road we will travel together.

My deepest heartfelt WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

With respect,

Suro Emanuel Hart