There has been some changes to our list of instructors through out the world.

It should be noted that all ranks below IS3 Guro are conditional.

If the person is not on this official list of instructors, they are teaching without IS3 authorization.

Please help us keep the quality high and let us know of individuals claiming to represent our lineage.


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IS3 Guro
Tom Skoglind
Keith Schuch
Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel

IS3 Katalungan Guro
Kenneth Johansson
Mattias Jansson
Jo Bossaerts

IS3 Instructor
Brinsen Wynn
Gary Benson
Olivier Nguyen
Ken Steinmetz
Kristoffer Sundh
Andrew Glaeser
Andre Clauss

Kadua Instructor
Laurent Hubert
Karim Zarouk
Dirk Dusedeau
Charles-Adolphe Goutmann
Sascha Sotonica
Randy Thomson
Damien Morelis
Emilyn Peliña
Alexander Schreiber