Grandmaster Max Sarmiento is an important part of Inayan System III Eskrimas historySarmiento Kadena De Mano

Grandmaster Max Sarmiento
April 26, 1929 – Sept. 29, 1982

Grandmaster Max Sarmiento was largely responsible for the emergence of the Filipino Martial Arts in the United State as a public way of life for many Americans.
GM Sarmiento was one of the first Eskrima masters to teach their art to the U.S. public. His art was well known for its effectiveness with empty-hands, Dagger, and weapon counter measures.

Along with GM Angel Cabales, GM Sarmiento’s family style of Kadena de Mano was a major influence in the development of the Inayan System of Eskrima as taught by Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay. Along with Mangisursuro Inay, GM Sarmiento was a founding member of WES (The West Coast Eskrima Society), an association of Eskrima masters in California founded in 1979.