The quality and accuracy of Inayan System III Eskrima instruction is very important to us. To insure that the general public is aware of all certified IS3 Instructors, we proved a list here. All instructors listed here are active at one of our training locations.

Anyone giving instruction in IS3 Eskrima that is not on this list, is doing so without the support or permission of Suro Emanuel Hart.

If there are questions about an IS3 instructor’s qualifications, please contact us.

IS3 Guro
Tom Skoglind
Keith Schuch
Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel
Kenneth Johansson

IS3 Eskrimador
Mattias Jansson
Jo Bossaerts

IS3 Katalungan Guro
Brinsen Wynn
Kristoffer Sundh

IS3 Instructor
Olivier Nguyen
Ken Steinmetz
Andrew Glaeser
Andre Clauss
Sascha Sotonica

Kadua Instructor
Laurent Hubert
Karim Zarouk
Dirk Dusedeau
Charles-Adolphe Goutmann
Randy Thomson
Damien Morelis
Carl Tallving
Alexander Schreiber
Gareth Bradford
Sebastian Masannek
Louis-Philippe Nivain
Boris Hoguël