katalungan-guro-KennethIt is with great pleasure I announce to the world the promotion of Kenneth Johansson to the IS3 rank of Katalungan Guro.

Mr. Johansson is my longest training student in Europe and has been involved with Inayan Eskrima since 1999. Following a two day test that concluded on Friday January 24th, 2014, Kenneth enters a very small circle of IS3 Guros. His dedication to the future of Inayan System III Eskrima and to the development of IS3 in Sweden has been a great example to all that know him inside and outside the art.

With the involvement of such a man in the spread of Inayan Eskrima comes a confidence that allows both senior and junior practitioners to concentrate within an environment of security and friendship. I am looking forward to Mr. johansson’s promotion to Full Guro in the years ahead and to the continued work we will share in the future.

Congratulations Kenneth and thank you for all that you have done for me, my teacher and IS3 Eskrima. Continue to hit hard, block hard and keep smiling. It is with honor and pride I present to the world Katalungan Guro Kenneth Johansson.


Suro Emanuel Hart