November 29, 2014

As time moves forward so does the IS3 Guro list. If gives me great pleasure to present the newest Katalungan Guro to the IS3 ranks; Mr. Mattias Jansson.

Guro Jansson has been my student from the time I came to Europe in 2001. He has worked hard to bring his understanding and capabilities to a level that I accept as representation of an IS3 Katalungan Guro.

Behyond his capabilities and understanding of the art and traditions of my system, his loyalty to me and my system brings me great honor. The IS3 students that have access to his teaching and training are in good shape to develop in IS3 Eskrima.

I am very happy he has made it this far and looks to continue long into the future.

Welcome to the new area of training Katalungan Guro Mattias Jansson.

DSC09767 (2)

Katalungan Guro Promotion