IS3 Sweden

A big step for IS3 Europe.

It is with great honor that I announce the first Full IS3 Guro and IS3 Eskrimador promotions in Europe.

After 14 year of training and countless challenges Kenneth Johansson has been promoted to Full IS3 Guro. With this promotion he has gained my complete confidence in his abilities to preserve the foundation of Inayan Eskrima and has all the tools to grow within the system in the future without my guidance.  With this promotion he has gained the rights to rank all levels within Inayan System III Eskrima up to IS3 Katalungan Guro.

Along with Guro Johansson, Mattias Jansson has completed his training and teaching requirements of the foundation material. Based on his understanding of future responsibilities and commitments relative to giving rank and taking on students, he has chosen to take the rank of IS3 Eskrimador. This rank offers the ability to continue ones training and advancement within the advanced areas of the system without giving ranks to students directly.

Both of these gentlemen have committed themselves to the art of Inayan Eskrima in ways that are not matched by anyone I have met in Europe to date. I am honored by their interest in my system, history and lineage. It gives me great comfort to see that they have arrived at this special place in their development as Inayan System III Eskrima practitioners and I am looking forward to facing the challenges that confront IS3 Eskrima and its practitioners together.

Thank you gentlemen for your loyal support and continued feedback. It is an honor not only to call you my students but to call you brothers. I know you have been looking at this mark in your development for a long time, as do most students in the art, but I will ask that you don’t look at it as a finish line but rather as a new beginning. There is a lot to learn and a lot to give future generations….

So let us begin!