February 9th, 2018

Guro promotions within IS3 Eskrima are far and few between. With that said I am excited to announce the promotions to the rank “IS3 Lahong Guro” of

Dave Swoboda
Michael Kosobucki
Jake Mandel



In the last few years these gentlemen have not only continued to grow as individuals developing their skills as practitioners but have also demonstrated great potential in developing students and the lineage of Inayan System III Eskrima. I look forward to their continued work in developing the positive reputation of IS3 Eskrima locally as well as around the world.


March 18, 2018

On this day Jo Bossaerts was promoted to IS3 Eskrimador.

Mr. Bossaerts has been committed to working in and with IS3 Eskrima and Suro Hart from 2007. To this day he has continued to support IS3 Eskrima activities in Belgium and around the world with the goals of quality growth and loyalty. We are honored to have Mr. Bossaerts continue his journey and represent IS3 Eskrima along the way.