It is with great pride that I announce to the world three promotions to the rank of IS3 Katalungan Guro.

This rank is often a long term goal for low level students and a transition for those that have walked a long road with many challenges. Although the time spent on the road to this junction can vary for different people, the commitment must be the same to move on from here. The ideas of the road ahead are thought about with dreamy eyes and a new lightness in the step.

The pride that comes with the rank of Inayan Guro has been made by the few that have come before with the blood, sweat, tears and the dedication to overcome the hurdles that are in the road on this special path. It is a very big responsibility to maintain this pride and walk with an honor that is no longer your own. Moving forward you are no longer judged only by your instructor and fellow students, but by everyone that knows the name and honor that is an Inayan Guro.

Within IS3 the transition to this rank is not done with a “Test” in the classic way. You are being testing every day and evaluated by your instructor for many years. You have arrived to a place that has only a few roads to it but only two roads moving forward; a Full Inayan Guro or not. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

Katalungan Guro Dave Swoboda
Katalungan Guro Michael Kosobucki, aka “Ricky”
Katalungan Guro Jake Mandel

I am honored to promote you to this position and walk with you side by side on the path ahead. Your input into the direction that our small band takes is valued and given great consideration and respect.

Masirib Tom Skoglind and Masirib Keith Schuch have brought you to this place with a pride that is well deserved and with a confidence I trust. They too are honored in this transition and warrant congratulations on great work. Our “Band of Brothers” has been strengthened and the horizons have been broadened by your sacrifices.

There are the “Unseen” in this process that most often make the biggest sacrifice, the family and loved ones. They give up precious time with the ones they love to allow them to train and learn, most often away from home.
I say THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful people with our family.

Congratulations to you all on this monumental achievement!

I look forward to the years ahead and the road we will travel together.

My deepest heartfelt WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

With respect,

Suro Emanuel Hart