On September 28, 2013 I invoked the IS3 Kasama Rank. Traditionally this rank has been reserved for individuals that have shown longtime sincere loyalty to Inayan Eskrima along with the ability to teach and share the basic principals within the system. These individuals have not reached the rank of Full Inayan Guro but have shown the abilities to teach different aspects. It is understood that the IS3 Kasama will continue to work towards achieving the rank of Full IS3 Guro. In the case of Kasama Gary Benson, he has been given the rights and responsibilities to teach and test material within the full curriculum up to Student Level 5. As his teaching skills and understanding of the requirements above that rank improve, he will be granted testing rights accordingly.

Kasama Benson’s history in Inayan Eskrima reaches back over 20 years to the days of The Inayan Training Organization (ITO) under the direction of Mangisursuro himself. He has been instrumental in the spreading of Inayan Eskrima in Southern Wisconsin, U.S.A. and made a commitment to IS3 to continue that work into the future as a partner and elder guide. As one of our elder practitioners, his life experience is a good resource for IS3 members and has always been given with a heart felt and honest delivery. I am looking forward to working with Kasama Benson to spread our art into the future.

Welcome IS3 Kasama Gary Benson.