The primary goal of IS3 Eskrima is to preserve and propagate the traditional Martial Arts and related culture of  The Inayan System of Eskrima as taught by Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay under the direction of Suro Emanuel Hart.

This goal shall be accomplished using three primary methods:

      1. To establish ground-up, stand-alone schools dedicated solely to the instruction and preservation of IS3Eskrima. These schools will organize seminar and workshops that provide general or specific training as well as ongoing classes. The schools serve as “anchor” schools, and the central hubs for instruction for our members.
      2. By partnering with currently established and financially viable commercial Martial Arts schools. IS3 Instructors are trained or embedded in the school to provide current and new students access to quality IS3 Eskrima training.
      3. Providing consulting and specialized training to law enforcement agencies for integration into their officers’ departmental personal protection and tactical plans.

In keeping with Mangisursuro’s last wish, directed to Suro Emanuel Hart, IS3 Instructors will teach his art as they have learned it. IS3 as a group of practitioners will continue to propagate Mangisursuro’s Michael G. Inay’s art around the world.

All IS3 Instructors shall maintain the integrity of Mangisursuro Inay’s values when teaching and never will the quality of instruction differ because of race, creed, color, or financial being.