The following information is intended for all that are interested in bringing IS3 Eskrima to their city with the intention of becoming a certified instructor under Suro Emanuel Hart.

1. Receive your training

Possible ways to receive training:

  • Private lessons with Certified IS3 Instructor or Guro
  • Visit monthly Master’s Classes (Suro) or Monthly Intensives (Instructors or Guros)
  • Visit IS3 Seminars from Certified Instructors, IS3 Guros or Suro
  • Visit Official IS3 Training Camps
  • Attend regular weekly classes (Location membership required)

2. Pass student level 4

For each level in the IS3 curriculum there are testing requirement sheets. Please note that material on the sheets are only the MINIMUM requirements to pass the test. If you take part in the Kadua Instructor Program you will get the material for the first four (4) student levels to start the training. The minimum training time for each level (3 months) is exempted for those with the expressed intent of becoming a Kadua Instructor. As soon as you can pass a level 4 test with a mark of “Pass” or “Superior” you can schedule a test with Suro (This ability should be pre-tested by a certified Instructor before scheduling a test with Suro Hart)

3. IS3 Training Group

The training group option was created for those interested in joining the Kadua Program but because of distance can not get regular training, or people with a current class in a similar FMA can form a group to support their Kadua training. It is important to understand that the Training Group option is only a transitional phase into a Kadua Training Location. Giving the Initiator time to develop their own training and pass necessary tests, set up a class structure and gather together interested participants. There is a maximum two year time limitation on all Training Groups. During this time the Initiator is evaluated on training, organization, communication with head office and responsible training practices. Within two years the Initiator must have graduated to STL 4 and have entered the Kadua Instructor Program.

The Following rules apply to all IS3 Training Groups:

  • The responsible person needs to attend official IS3 training classes (see above 1.)
  • The responsible person’s title will be: IS3 Initiator
  • Must Pay yearly license fee: 25 €/month
  • The Training Group Initiator (TGI) needs to gather at least 5 Training Points a year (see point list below)

The other members of a TG will need to gather at least 1 Training Point a year (see point list below)

EI Summer Camp – 4 points
US/FR Summer Camps – 3 points
Winter camp – 2 points
Weekly class at official IS3 location – 0.5 points
Seminar with certified IS3 Instructor – 0.5 points
Seminar with Suro – 1 point
Private lesson with Suro – 2 points

It is recommended to visit the special instructor training at the EI Summer Camp every year.

4. IS3 Location

As a Kadua Instructor you are certified to open an IS3 school or teach an IS3 Eskrima Class. To do so the following things are needed:

Authorization of current IS3 Instructor to become a Kadua Instructor
Sign affiliate agreement
A location to support training (inside) no matter if it rains or shines
have at least 5 members (also see “3. Training Group“)
conduct a seminar with Suro ONCE EVERY YEAR (Set date together with Suro in November of the year before)
pay license fee. The license fee is payed in monthly rates of 50€ or as total yearly amount(must be paid by December for the following year).
All classes MUST to be done in uniform (EI or IS3)
Send short CV to Suro along with training location address, contact details, training times (must keep this info current). This info will be published on the IS3 Official web site (