Jeff Wuyts – Kadua Instructor
Ronney Dierckx – Kadua Instructor

Class Location:
Rerum Novarumlaan 4
2170 Merksem

Training Times:
Tuesday : 19:30-21:00
Thursday : 19:30-21:00
Friday : 19:30-21:30

Jeff Wuyts
Phone: +32 485 511 880

About the instructor:
Mr. Bossaerts started training in Inayan Eskrima in 2001. Over the years he has trained in many different styles of Martial Arts, we list a few here:
Thai boxing
Full contact Karate
Free-fight systems
Kali Sikaran
Doce Pares…

Mr. Bossaerts is not a one-man business, but is driven by a group of professionals. In this way regular classes continue when he is organizing a sport day with a company or school. Over and above his continued training in Inayan System III Eskrima, Mr. Bossaerts continues to take training courses of inland and foreign masters on a regular basis. Mr. Bossaerts feels this is necessary to maintain a high-quality training level. In the beginning of 2007 Mr. Bossaerts committed to his growth in the Inayan System of Eskrima as taught by Suro Hart. Mr. Bossaerts conducts classes at the only certified IS3 Eskrima school in Belgium. His school welcomes all men, women, and young adults with a sincere interest in the Inayan Arts to join his ranks. Classes operate in a semi-formal manner giving room for respect and safety as well as rapid mental and physical development.

Mr. Wuyts started his Martial Arts training at the age of 11 in Jiu-Jitsu. Over the years he continued training in Tai-Jitsu and Shotokan Karate.  In 2006 he started training under IS3 Instructor Jo Bossaerts and in 2007 he officially started training Inayan System III Eskrima.  Mr. Wuyts continues his IS3 training with private lessons under Instructor Jo Bossaerts. In 2013 Mr. Wuyts entered the Kadua Instructor program and began teaching IS3 classes while continuing his training and development as a well-rounded FMA practitioner.

Mr. Dierckx started his Martial Arts path in 1998 with Kyokushin Karate. In 2000 He was introduced to FMA and Wing Tsun. In 2004 Mr. Dierckx starting his training in Inayan System III Eskrima (IS3) and has continued his training as part of the Kadua Instructor program. Mr. Dierckx has maintained a strong level in Boxing/Kick-Boxing throughout his activities in the Martial Arts. Working with the rest of the IS3 team in Belgium, Mr. Dierckx continues to grow all the while supporting his fellow practitioners and instructors in their own growth process.