Our seminars are designed to give the participants an introduction or intensive instruction in IS3 Eskrima. Our format for seminars is adjusted for our host and participants.

General Seminar
A general overview of IS3 Eskrima training. Within our system there are seven(7) styles of Eskrima that include three (3)*core styles, Inayan Kadena de Mano(short range), Inayan Serrada(medium range), and Inayan Largo Mano(long range).


Style Specific Seminar
The Eskrima International Style Specific Programs have been created to accommodate the need for focused training in a specific discipline within the vast material of IS3 Eskrima. Drawing form many decades of teaching experience within the EI staff, and the feedback from other professional Martial Art school owners, we have designed specific programs with the flexibility to complete the needs of current curriculums. Whether you are a school owner looking for new and exciting material to compliment your current curriculum, or an experienced Martial Artist looking to expand your capabilities in a specific area of training, we have what you need in one or more of our programs. Our programs cover the three basic ranges of engagement (close, medium and long) utilizing a range of weaponry from empty-hands, Dagger, sword, single and double sticks, long sword and spear. Using a pedagogy that has been time tested over the last 50 years accompanied by a professional staff of instructors, our programs get results that count.

The Inayan Style Specific Programs available are

  • Inayan Dequerdas – Single stick style, simple but effective
  • Inayan Sinawali – Double stick style, focusing on coordination, timing and distance, dynamic drills and application
  • Inayan Serrada – Middle range combative style for single stick, single blade and Espada Y Daga
  • Inayan Largo Mano – Long range focusing on timing and distance, long stick, long sword, staff / spear
  • Inayan Kadena De Mano – Close range knife fighting style involving percussion, locking, grappling and disarming.


Defensive Action Programs
These programs are designed as modules to offer Law Enforcement specific training in Edge weapon defense, Baton applications, and Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas (PSNA)- applications for subject control. The design of these modules, allow them to fit with existing department procedures and “Use of Force” requirements.


Standard seminar times:

Workshop – 3-4 hours

One day seminar – 6-8 hours

Two day seminar – 10-12 hours

Camps – Flexible up to 7 days


Contact us for further information on seminar format flexibility, training material and details for hosting our instructors.