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Why Reactive Knife Defense?

With the increase of concerns over edged weapon assaults in the past several years, many police departments and criminal justice agencies are now starting to look for good training curriculum that deal with edged weapon defense and control. With this demand….More


Interview with Suro Emanuel Hart

Mr. Hoffmann: What is important within your art?

Suro Hart: That is a big question. Ok, I guess we could start on a physical level and say in terms of what is important in my art specifically is understanding the basics of the system and….More


Inayan Kadena de Mano

January 2002 The basic core curriculum of Kadena de Mano, as taught by the Guros of Inayan Systems International (ISI), consists of twenty-one individual drills and thirty-six basic counters, which embody the principles and philosophy of the style….More


A Conversation With a Grand Master

Marko: But do all people need structure, how do students learn in the Philippines?

Mangisursuro: Not even thinking about the Philippines, there are only 3 ways to learn in the world: 1 is in the classroom, 2 is ….More