Kristoffer Sundh

Class Location:
“The cave” knäppningsborgsgatan 11

Kristoffer Sundh
Phone: +46 (0)76-82 83 725
Email: kristoffer[at]

Training Times:
Tuesday 20h00-21h30
Thursdays 20h00-21h30

About the instructor:
Mr. Sundh has been influenced by several different Filipino martial arts systems and trained under different instructors over the years, among them is Kenneth Johansson, Hans & Claes Johansson. In the spring of 2008 he started training in Inayan System III Eskrima and December 2009 he made the decision to solely train and get ranked in IS3.
On Mr. Sundh’s martial arts path to IS3 he has had many achievement rankings along the way, we list a few below:

  • Madunong Guro – Kali Sikaran
  • 1st Degree black belt – World Modern Arnis Association

Mr. Sundh has become an important part of the IS3 activities in Sweden by organizing the, IS3 Winter Camp, Sweden. His efforts to improve the availability of IS3 to people living in Scandinavia continues with his opening of regular classes in his home town as well as supporting his instructor’s IS3 activities.